Friday, September 23, 2011

Royal Portrait: The Family of Tsar Paul I

This portrait of the family of Tsar Paul I of Russia was done by Gerhard von Kugelgen in 1800. The imperial family is depicted against the background of the Pavlovsk Park. At the right side of the painting is the facade of the Pavlovsk Palace, overlooking the Slavyanka River.
From left to right: Tsarevich Alexander (wearing the uniform of the Semenovsky Life-Guards Regiment and his arm resting on a pedestal containing the bust statue of Peter the Great), Constantine (in red uniform), Nicholas (wearing a blue ribbon around his waist), Empress Maria FeodorovnaCatherine, Maria (playing with a harp), Olga (depicted as a bust statue); Anna (wearing green clothes), Tsar Paul I, Michael (sitting on the ground), Alexandra, and Elena.


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