Monday, March 4, 2013

Ella's Portrait

A lovely photo of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth ("Ella") from the Royal Collection. The photo was taken in 1899, and Ella was wearing a low-cut gown and her favorite chain necklace. Isn't she stunning? :D

This particular photo reminds me of one of Heine's poems which I think perfectly describes the grand duchess:

You are so lovely as a flower
So sweet, so beautiful, and so pure;
Looking at you, and sweet sadness
Comes stealing over me.

I feel I should be folding
My hands upon your hair,
Praying that God may keep you
So pure, and beautiful and charming.


Christina said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful poem :-). Thank you, Gem - your blog is always so uplifting :-)

George the Less said...

She was far more than beautiful.
Hugo Mager's, "Elizabeth Grand Duchess of Russia," paints a picture in words, but his heart was cold.

Lubov Miller's, "Grand Duchess Elizabeth, New Martyr of the Communist Yoke," paints a truly intimate portrait of her beautiful life.

She is revered as a Saint by the Russians. They journeyed by the thousands to her grave in Jerusalem during the Soviet times.

Now her body has been returned to Russia to a new women's monastery named for her. Here thousands come to celebrate her life with dozens of women who have chosen to follow her life's example. Daily they ask for her help, though she has been dead for nearly 100 years. Or is she really dead; for all are alive to God.

In California, and New York are two Orthodox Christian women's monasteries named for her where her image (icon) is placed prominently and she is never forgotten.

To be loved and remembered and lamented and missed: Is anything so lovely & tragic?

If you seek to know more of her, you may find wondrous beauty far surpassing anything you have ever seen, and joy greater than you have ever known. Come & see…

Gem said...

Yes, she is beautiful physically and she also possessed a beautiful soul. And her memory and deeds are indeed worth remembering. Ella will always be my inspiration.

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