Monday, March 23, 2015

The Hesse Sisters

Ernst Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse and by the Rhine, adored his four sisters Victoria, Elizabeth, Irene and Alix. They were known in royal circles as "The Four Graces" because they were famous for their beauty. The sisters were of different personalities and temperaments but they all share a deep love and bond with each other. Here is an excerpt from Ernst Ludwig's memoirs and his descriptions about them:

The Hessian princesses: Victoria, Elisabeth (Ella), Irene, and Alix.
"Victoria...was often misunderstood. She easily reacts with sharpness, which made her give scathing answers. Ella was one of the most beautiful women, because her figure was perfect in everything . She had a warm voice; had a special fondness for painting and drawing. Yet she delighted in dressing up, but not out of vanity, but out of joy to create beauty. With a great sense of humor, she could comically tell about the things that happened to her. Irene, from our father in particular, has inherited the absolute goodness of his heart, from our grandmother - her shyness. As child, she was the one who settles disputes between sisters; she was constantly worried that we should do the right thing... Being a sanguine person, she often did not exercise measures, so we called her 'Aunt Fuss'. She rode superbly and, like me, was addicted to dancing. We often sing a melody while dancing in pairs in an empty room... Alicky was already a beautiful child with a serious face. Humor was not in her. Like all my sisters, she had a generous heart and a limitless sense of duty. After the death of May, she became the youngest and felt hurt that she refused to say anything. She was a good companion to our father and did everything possible to cheer his spirit. Since she was easily embarrassed...and laughed only when she was in the mood, it was often thought that she was gloomy, bored or unhappy..."


Marie-Anne said...

This is a very lovely post! Ernie was so sweet about his sisters. Thanks for sharing!

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